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100 Days of Monsters - Stefan G. Butcher



HOW Books

At his Web site , artist Stefan G. Butcher makes monsters. But it's how he does it that's noteworthy. He starts with a splotch of fresh black ink, which he blows on with a straw, thus forming a random shape that he then supplements with eyes, limbs, tentacles, what have you. On the Web site, he then invites visitors to provide each creature's backstory.

The results of several of these experiments are collected in the nifty "100 Days of Monsters," with each colorful spread devoted to an India-ink-born fiend. The accompanying DVD built into the inside back cover may be the best starting point, with video clips that show how Butcher brings these blobs to life. As with most all titles from HOW Books, the intricate graphic design is just as important as the subject.

"?Rod Lott


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