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2 Days in Paris



Reviewer's grade: C


Jack (Adam Goldberg) and Marion (Julie Delpy) are a 30something couple who decide to stop off in Paris to stay with her parents for a couple of days on the way from Italy back home to NYC. During their 48 hours in the land of Edith Piaf, Jack is tortured, via his hypochondriac tendencies, by smelly buses, braised bunny rabbits, other tourists, mysterious black mold, Marion's ex-boyfriends and his inability to understand French.


Marion, on the other hand, is tortured by Jack's incessant bitching and moaning. It's up in the air which one has it worse. Basically a pet project written, directed, produced, scored, edited and possibly catered by Delpy, "2 Days in Paris" is somewhat predictable, but just edgy enough to be entertaining. If you can get past the constant bickering and the smirking, simpering French stereotypes (the Horny Artist, the Horny Loudmouth, the Horny Crotchety Old Man, among others), the spontaneous feel of the cinematography and the gritty feel of Paris hold a certain charm on their own.


Screening Thursday through Sunday at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. R


"?Mike Robertson 


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