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24: The Official CTU Operations Manual - Denise Kiernan and Joseph D'Agnese




With the writers' strike still dragging out and Kiefer Sutherland serving 48 days behind bars for drunken driving, fans of the Emmy-winning television series "24" can get their ticktock fix with this faux "Operations Manual" dedicated to the show's counterterrorist unit.

Packed in its own sturdy fold-out box, as if to suggest secrecy and importance, the hardcover plays as if the show were not a show at all, and that the reader is a new recruit to the CIA-like program. Keying off "24"'s various plots and seasons, the book instructs readers on proper interrogation techniques and warfare strategies, as well as key players at CTU and its notable enemies (curse you, Nina Myers!).

Exceedingly slick and well-designed, this official release comes loaded with photographs from the show and its stars, ensuring goodwill among the "24" faithful.

"?Rod Lott


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