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27 Dresses




Reviewer's grade: B


A star is born as Katherine Heigl, who had a successful co-starring turn in 2007's "Knocked Up," demonstrates that not only can she carry a picture, but can do so with one hand. She plays Jane, a woman who thinks she's happiest when she's serving as a bridesmaid "? which she's done 27 times.


She's in love with her boss (Edward Burns, "One Missed Call") and then, crashing into her life, comes a newspaper writer who covers the wedding beat (Oklahoma native James Marsden, "Enchanted"). She dislikes him so much, you just know they'll fall in love, especially when Jane's younger, gorgeous sister (Malin Akerman, "The Heartbreak Kid") comes to town and starts making goo-goo eyes at Burns.


It's all about as fresh as a mold sandwich, but the script cribs just enough of the right moments from rom-coms past to be amusing, and Heigl is so good, she becomes a movie star right before your eyes. The movie alone is a C-, but Heigl is A-list all the way. PG-13


"?Doug Bentin 





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