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On a second viewing, "28 Weeks Later" still strikes hot as a particularly strong and smart horror film, not to mention timely. Standing superior to the vastly overrated "28 Days Later," this sequel chronicles what happens once the zombie outbreak of London is cleaned up "¦ well, at least they think it's cleaned up.


Residents slowly are brought back in to the city, but quarantined in a high rise while cleanup efforts continue. However, one teeny-tiny strain of the "rage virus" sneaks its way in, and when one bite leads to many, chaos ensues. Two kids try to make their escape with the help of an American military sniper (Jeremy Renner from "S.W.A.T.").


Juan Carlos Fresnadillo directs with such assuredness, the film really could stand on its own, apart from Danny Boyle's original. Although many will be terrified by the relentless pursuit of humans by the infected, what really gets under one's skin is the police-state subplot in a time of devastating crisis.


Loud and lurid, "Weeks" is a sensational foray into horrors both fictional and factual. Among the usual special features, the DVD includes some nifty animated shorts that bridge the gap between "Days" and "Weeks." 


"?Rod Lott


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