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99 Questions You Must Ask a Man Before Sleeping with Him & Definitely Before Having Sex - Armani Valentino



According to Armani Valentino, author of the book "99 Questions You Must Ask a Man Before Sleeping with Him & Definitely Before Having Sex," common sense "is not that common" nowadays.

The 27-year-old entrepreneur's self-published book aims to help young women know their mates in the literal sense before knowing them in the biblical sense. Otherwise, Valentino said, "It's kind of like hiring someone and not giving them a 90-day trial period."

"I had a very beautiful friend who had been in nothing but bad relationships," Valentino said. "She was smart and intelligent, but she wasn't asking enough questions, or enough of the right questions. Women don't even know what to ask."

Instead, he said, women of today settle for inappropriate men by limiting their selection criteria to two items: Does he have money, and does he look good?

"That's enough of them, for the part," he said.

According to Valentino, among the nearly 100 things they should be asking are those we often take for granted:
" Are you married?
" Are you currently sleeping with anybody?
" Are you on the down-low?

"Before you have sex, you should go through this process," he said. "People believe in everything but themselves. Women should treat themselves like a Fortune 500 company. They have to. They absolutely, absolutely have to. They have to quit saying, 'There aren't enough good men.' That's right. Because there aren't enough good women."

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