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A call for nonviolent civil disobedience



Muslims, radical and many moderate, are proposing a giant, 13-story mega-mosque to be built in the shadow of Ground Zero that will rise above the sacred innocent ashes of those maliciously killed by Islamic terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001. If this ill-advised dagger in our soul project proceeds, then I call for nonviolent, civil disobedience.

Gazettites will likely pounce on this call as another case of Islamophobia (that's what liberals/progressives do: They demonize). Instead of cogent arguments, they play the race card and issue infantile commentary like our opposition is based on fear and loathing of what is different.

However, our arguments against the mosque at Ground Zero are purely a matter of common respect and human decency " Western values that many Muslims and some liberals fail to appreciate. Overwhelmingly, sensible Americans are justly outraged that Muslims are another step closer to building a mosque next to the sacred site of Ground Zero.

The co-founder of Hamas champions the proposed mosque project, as do probably many liberals in Oklahoma. What a shame. The Imam behind the project is a documented radical who refuses to discuss where the millions of dollars will come from (perhaps from Islamic terrorist organizations); he said 19 days after 9/11 that the USA "was an accessory" in the Islamic attack there; he calls on our laws to accommodate Sharia (Islamic) laws; we should provide Sharia courts; and he refuses to acknowledge Hamas as the terrorist organization they are.

This proposed mosque is a direct assault on our honor and sensibilities; it is an in-your-face, provocative political act " Muslim triumphalism. Historically, some mosques are built as victory shrines next to sites of Islamic battles over their "infidel" enemies. This is exactly how multiplied millions of Muslims will view the mosque which will embolden them to renew their jihadist war on Americans and Western world values and culture.

Muslims' continued endeavor to build this mosque will inflame resentment, propel alienation between them and others and set back relations between Muslims and other Americans for years. This project will prove significantly counterproductive.

The president and moderate Muslims have failed to positively lead our nation on this issue. Yes, the proposed mosque is constitutionally allowed and legal. The real issue is the wisdom, morality and appropriateness of the provocative proposal. This mosque dishonors the dead of 9/11 and crushes the sensitivities of the surviving families. Just because one has a right does not make it right!

"Paul Wesselhöft

Rep. Wesselhöft, a Moore Republican, represents District 54 in the state House of Representatives.

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