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A cruel joke



I was under the impression that your "Chicken-Fried News" section was reserved for ridiculous Commentary by members of the Oklahoma Legislature or other things of an entertaining nature. Recently, however, I learned that something that should have been a true news story or a piece examining the rules of the small town of Hydro was made into a joke. The CFN was entitled "Doggone shame" (an offensive, not cute, play on words) and discussed in an "amusing" manner the way the Hydro police chief killed a dog with carbon monoxide poisoning from his police car.

The dog in this case didn't die calmly, slowly losing consciousness. This dog was crammed into a dark box that was plugged into an exhaust pipe. By the way the chief of police chose to handle the stray dog situation in town, I doubt the placement into the box was done in a merciful manner for the dog. The dog was probably incredibly frightened, and then scared even more when the vehicle was started just inches from him and a huge puff of dark exhaust sputtered into his face. There was nothing close to humane about this; it's insane that CFN even used the term "euthanized," a word that normally refers to killing as painlessly as possible.

Where is the empathy for a living being? I understand the joke was on the rather uncivilized nature of the people involved in this case, but there's obviously something more important going on here, and that's animal cruelty. This is not a thing that ever belongs in a satirical section.

I would have expected more from a paper that sponsors the Dachshund Dash and the "Gazette's Pet of the Week."

"Katy Jones
Oklahoma City

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