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I would like to reply to Sara Ferguson's fulmination letter of Sept. 29 ("Bicyclists vs. everyone else," Gazette). I am an avid bicyclist around Lake Hefner since 1997. When it's around 65 degrees or higher, I try to go at least twice a week as long as my busy work schedule lets me.

I consider bicycling an ardent hobby and alternate between two bicycles when I decide to ride. I start from my house around the N.W. 63rd and Western Avenue area, go through Grand Boulevard to Lake Hefner and then back the same way. I go around the entire 9.1-mile lake circumference each time since it's so much fun and awesome exercise! I also carry with me my Walkman so I can enjoy the music to make each excursion a fulfilling, 100 percent pleasurable experience!

I have issue with Ferguson's comment that bicyclists don't use the trails. We have as much right to the road as the motorists. Is there a law that mandates we cannot use the road?

I do mostly use the bike paths, but some instances I don't. And as a careful cyclist, I stay at the extreme right of the road on the right-hand lane so that I won't inconvenience the traffic going my direction. Now, at the west part of the lake where the intersection of Britton Road and Lake Hefner Drive is, I rarely use the trail that is right next to the apartment complex.

I have the 100 percent right to ignore the "pesky" trail and stay on the road instead. I'd much rather go by the rails there in that area and see water, geese, ducks, etc. until I get to Lakeshore Park and resume the bike path again.

In the 13-plus years I've been bicycling around that beautiful lake, I've never seen a group or "gaggle" of bicyclists go improperly on the left-hand lane. I've always seen them go on the right lane, which is the proper course as designated by the arrows.

"Wernher Zenteno
Oklahoma City

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