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A family affair



Marie Osmond is filled with the Christmas spirit, and she wants to share it with you. Along with her brother, Donny, Marie will bring Christmas cheer to all of Oklahoma with their newest touring show, Donny & Marie Christmas.

It’s hard to imagine a holiday in an Osmond home without sparkly outfits and microphones. After all, members of the family have beamed their infectious Yuletide cheer into the homes of Americans for decades. It would also be difficult to maintain any kind of tradition being a member of one of the first families of American television.

“This is our tradition,” Osmond said. “Performing is how I get into the holiday spirit.”

She said that she and her brother are busy putting the final touches on the show, which tours 16 cities before returning to their home in Las Vegas to celebrate with their families.

One could never accuse Marie of resting on her laurels. She made her debut on The Andy Williams Show at the age of three and has been delighting television audiences since. The youngest sibling of popular singing group The Osmonds, she went on to host a variety show at the age of 16 with Donny. At the time it aired, Donny & Marie featured the youngest hosts of a variety show in TV history. Marie charmed her way into the hearts of her audience — she was flashy enough to be glamorous and wholesome enough to be a role model.

The siblings enjoyed success at every turn, cementing their place as showbiz royalty. For the Osmond family, who are devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon church), Christmas is a major cause for celebration.

“Osmond” is a household name, a brand. The family’s cheerful exuberance and lighthearted banter worked its magic on the young and old alike. They welcomed everyone into their family, and everyone welcomed them into theirs.

“In 2008, we celebrated 50 years of performing as a family,” Marie said. “That’s an incredible legacy for a family of clean-cut Mormons out of Salt Lake City.”

She called from her car, dashing from one publicity event to the next, talking about how this time of year is a busy time for everyone. For her, “things are busy, but good.” With such an impressive resume, you get the impression that Marie is not content unless she has plenty to do and more on the horizon.

When asked about what Christmas traditions she likes to keep going with her own family, she stressed that she is always home for the holiday itself, especially Christmas Eve.

“We have a lot of traditions that were passed down from when we were kids. We always do one package Christmas Eve, and one has to be pajamas,” she said. ”I used to make them always be matching pajamas, but since my youngest is 11 and my oldest is 17, I don’t match them up anymore.”

Marie is excited to visit Oklahoma City again and is bowled over about the new show.

“This isn’t taking the Las Vegas show on tour; this is a whole new show,” she said. “It’s very diverse, very fast-paced, with beautiful costumes … there’s something in it for everybody.”

And if that’s not enough to convince you, take Marie’s word for it:

“I guarantee you will leave with the Christmas spirit.”

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