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'A fantastic argument'



Don Bye's letter in the Jan. 13 Gazette ("Wesselhoft's letter refreshing") is, paradoxically, a fantastic argument for why we need better science education. Bye challenges Darwinists to explain why the earth tilts at a certain angle conducive to life, or why the moon is perfectly positioned to stabilize earth's oceans. Sheer, barking mad nonsense.

Bye clearly has no idea what Darwin's theory of natural selection is, not even at a fifth-grade level. Darwin's theory is an explanation for the diversity of life, not the origin of life or of the planet's astronomical position. It explains the emergence of species among living things, not the organization of cosmic bodies. Bye's ludicrous taunt is akin to demanding that a biologist explain why a car is designed to deploy airbags as "proof of a divine designer." One has nothing to do with the other!

Until Bye understand what Darwin's theory is, what it explains, and what it has never sought to explain, his rants about its lack of information on irrelevant matters are evidence against his premise that science lacks proper explanation.

"Matt Atkinson
Oklahoma City

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