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A gallery fund-raiser invites fans to pick from a wall of local works



Instead of gambling your money at the slot machines this Saturday night, try your luck at art. But unlike at metro casinos or racetracks, just buying a ticket for the "Money Talks, Art Walks" fund-raiser at the Individual Artists of Oklahoma gallery makes you a winner.


"Everyone who buys a ticket gets a painting," said Jeff Stokes, executive director of IAO. "We won't sell any more tickets than we have art."


Attendees of "Money Talks, Art Walks" will be able to buy $100, $75 or $50 tickets for Saturday's fund-raiser, which is centered around a random art raffle. When a person's ticket is drawn, he or she will have 30 seconds to choose from a wall of 200 unlabeled works created by local artists. The drawing will start with the $100 tickets and work down to the $50 tickets until all of the pieces have been claimed.


Each of the 100 participating artists donated two small works for the event, Stokes said. The pieces are all the size of a sheet of paper, two-dimensional, unframed and unidentified. The anonymous artists include Romy Owens, Chad Mount, Joe Slack, Matt Jarvis, Ashley Griffith and Steve Tomlin, but their names will be linked to their work only after each piece has been sold.


William Struby, chair of "Money Talks, Art Walks" and a member of the IAO board of directors, got the idea for the event from a similar fund-raiser at DiverseWorks in Houston.


"In the Houston show, there seemed to be a lot of fun based around the bit of chance involved in it," Struby said.


Struby wanted to include artists who don't usually have enough art work for solo shows at the gallery, as well as those who are just interested in experimenting.


-Allison Meier


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