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A letter to Sen. Inhofe



The Gulf of Mexico disaster is tied like an albatross around the neck of our political system and specifically to you, sir, and your votes. You willingly have participated in the gutting of our regulatory agencies under George Bush Jr. As I watch these hearings, I see every Republican on these committees defending an industry they let loose to wreak havoc on the U.S. for the sake of profit.

Have you and your political party no shame, no sense of integrity in taking responsibility for your decades of choices that led to the utter destruction of the Gulf of Mexico?

I am disgusted as I watch your Republican colleagues try to blame an administration in power for 15 months for this destruction. Republicans have controlled our government for almost 25 years and focused heavily on gutting of our regulatory systems and crushing our individual freedoms while raising "corporatocracy" to godhood. You were more than complicit; you were the root cause. I've seen this day coming for 10 years. And here it is. You should be hanging your head in shame.

I'm just a voter who has no voice in this state. I'm just a human being who knows this didn't have to happen and who cries once a day for the death of the Gulf of Mexico. If you and your staff are not, then I think you should be asking yourself why.

"Linda C. Wade
Midwest City

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