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A little bit of diss ...



First, Kevin Durant drew the ire of certain die-hards for practicing with Oklahoma City Thunder teammates at the University of Texas (although he attended the school for a short while). If those Austin antics weren’t enough, he then had the audacity to say that Louisiana State University (coached by former Oklahoma State head coach Les Miles) is better than the University of Oklahoma. Them’s fightin’ words!

It all started with Durant’s short and unsweet tweet of “LSU > OU.......” on Sept. 24.

After Durantula’s diss, he was summarily accused of being a “Sooner hater” and basically asked via the twittersphere to return to Texas. KD, who admitted that he enjoyed hacking off Sooner fans, then got a response from OU’s sophomore defensive back Tony Jefferson:

“Kevin durant. Please stop talking trash about the sooners.. You play in Oklahoma. Regardless if you went to Texas. We support u #jerk :(” Durant responded that Jefferson should “get your panties out a bunch.”

Holy Red River Rivalry! After the smoke cleared, Durant was pledging his allegiance to Loud City.

“I Love Oklahoma city! I can’t wait to get back!” KD tweeted.

Jefferson’s response indicated he was eyeing a certain game on OU’s calendar: “It’s coo doe I’ma still come to da games nd support yu & the thunder bra. Nd Well see what’s good oct 8th.. bruh”

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