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A moonlit scurry through the fairgrounds promotes health while raising money for City Arts Center's free programming



K at midnight. Center spokeswoman Kristin Richter said that the timing of the event gives runners an opportunity to hit the town afterward with fellow competitors.

"Running at night presents a little bit of a different challenge, but it's on a Saturday, so it's not like they've been working all day and now have to run," Richter said. "It's more of a party and family atmosphere."

Jerry Faulkner has participated in the Midnight Streak since the first race six years ago. As the store manager of OK Runner at 3209 S. Broadway in Edmond, he has become familiar with races across the region, and thinks Midnight Streak will be one of the summer's fastest.

"Times will be pretty good because it won't be hot," he said. "It will be a fast course because it's flat. A lot of high school and college runners come out, which makes it a really good event."

Faulkner said organizations have increasingly turned to 5K races as simple fundraisers, and that Midnight Streak is one of the better ones. Because of its timing, he said, it has become a must-run during the summer season. The length of the night run means hydration won't be as big a concern as a day race or marathon.

"A 5K race isn't that far," Faulkner said. "As long as you stay hydrated throughout the day, you should be fine."

Richter hopes that the race will not only raise funds, but spread City Arts Center's message to a wider audience.

"So many people are into weight loss, fitness and looking the best they can," she said. "We get a bigger audience rather than just those into the arts, so maybe we might find a couple new people who didn't already know about City Arts. It makes it worth us going out of the norm for what people would think of as an arts center event if we can get a few more people interested.

"Also, this run helps the exhibit remain open and free to the public year-round. Just because people do this run, that means that they can also walk into our gallery and see our exhibit free of charge.""?Charles Martin

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