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A paranormal team hosts a night of investigation



INsight Paranormal Investigations is planning an event at a mansion in Lindsay.

With tall Grecian columns guarding the front entry of its three-story frame, the Murray-Lindsay Mansion is quite a sight.

It's also reputed to be haunted.

Fully restored by the Lindsay Community Historical Society since the Sixties, the 1879-built mansion has a rich history, including rumors that visitors and volunteers are not the only ones who wander through the estate. No one has been able to explain its odd occurrences, but on Saturday, the history haunting the mansion will be explored there at the "Spirits of the Heartland" paranormal education and investigation event, hosted by INsight Paranormal Investigations.

Although fascinated by the prospect of paranormal findings, INsight co-founder Kristen Perkins said that her team's approach keeps members from making hasty decisions about the possibility of a house being haunted.

"Our group likes to go in with a scientific approach, with as much equipment as we can, and try to explain away occurrences that people are having, rather than go in and say right away, 'This place is haunted,'" she said. 

Preregistration is required. For more information, visit or call 413-8525. Admission is $25. "Renee Selanders

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