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A patriotic 'thank you'



Dear Gazette staff, contributors and readers:

We've had another continuous year to be proud and thankful we live in America. God blessed me to be born in this country, the home of the free and the brave, which I cherish.

For each one of us to be able to speak freely, publish freely, giving our own ideas and opinions on any subject, is truly priceless. I thank our advertisers and individuals who contribute to this freedom for all to enjoy and to stimulate thought.

I thank God every day, especially on July 4, when our forefathers gave us this freedom from monarchy and dictatorship that instilled oppression of humanity.

I thank our Gazette staff for distributing this informative publication throughout the metro area weekly, making it available for all for free. I read you religiously.

God bless America.

"P.J. Tucker
Oklahoma City

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