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A Republican for Shadid



I support candidates who are committed to fiscal responsibility.

I support candidates who will fight to break the stranglehold lobbyists, political action committees and special interest groups have on our politics.

And I support candidates who will stand up for the regular people of Oklahoma City, not just downtown power brokers.

On each of these counts, Dr. Ed Shadid is clearly the best candidate.

Simply put, Mick Cornett is not the conservative he says he is.

Here are seven examples: 1. Increased spending: OKC government spending has increased by almost 50 percent under Cornett. (FY2005 budget: $711 million; FY2014 budget: $1.03 billion.)

2. Career politician: Using a loophole in the state’s term limits law, Cornett is running for his fourth term as mayor. He has spent 13 years in office.

3. Gay resolution/play: Cornett voted for a 2011 “gay rights” Oklahoma City Council resolution. He did nothing to stop the offensive pro-gay Christmastime play (The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told) on city-owned property last year.

4. Special interest puppet: Cornett has had thousands of dollars in lobbyist, PAC and special interest money to support his campaigns.

5. Corporate welfare/sweetheart deals downtown: Cornett has supported millions in special tax breaks for developers.

6. Adult businesses in Bricktown:

Family-friendly Bricktown is being transformed under Cornett’s watch with the addition of burlesque “dollhouses” and seedy nightclubs.

7. Billon-dollar convention center/ hotel complexes downtown: Instead of investing in core functions of government, like neighborhood schools, streets and police, Cornett wants to spend almost a billion dollars on a governmentowned/subsidized hotel for a convention center complex downtown.

Some of my friends who support the current mayor joke with me that my world must be upside down. But the truth is many conservative Republicans have had enough of Cornett’s charade.

I respect Ed’s courageous stand against the wasteful convention center, his refusal to accept lobbyist and PAC money and his commitment to be a mayor for all of OKC.

There’s no doubt who the political insiders and elites support in this race.

The virtual blackout of coverage in The Daily Oklahoman about the grassroots efforts to stop the convention center/ hotel debacle and to limit the terms of career politicians proves my point. When one has to turn to what are traditionally viewed as “progressive” media outlets, like Oklahoma Gazette, to get the fiscally conservative (and correct) analysis of projects like these, then OKC politics really has been turned on its head.

And that point will be proven again when Ed Shadid is elected mayor of Oklahoma City.

Bob Dani was a 2012 Republican candidate for District 39 of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

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