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A response to 'Sick of It'



I have been reading Oklahoma Gazette for as long as I have known about its existence. I am truly appreciative of the stories you provide, the events that you cover, the support that you provide to the community and the open forum that you provide to your readers.

Unfortunately, in a June 30 letter, J. Simms of Oklahoma spoke out that he was "sick of it" when referring to the "filth supporting the gay agenda." His brief bashing of gay events and his claim that AIDS is a gay disease were ludicrous and outrageous. He even went so far as to claim you, the editor, were probably a "fag yourself."

My first response to this nonsense was outrage: How can one's beliefs be so completely idiotic? It is a sad truth that we "gays" are used to this kind of treatment, but right now I feel for you (the magazine) and for your readers. We've thickened our skins to this level of moronic thinking. We know how to handle slander and name-calling. We even know how to heal ourselves from hurtful words. But do you?

I'm sending you a hug, Gazette, because what you do is great work and should continue to do great work. I'm sending a hug to your readers because they do not deserve to have to read such hate. I'm also sending a hug to Mr. Simms because I really feel that he needs one right now more than anyone else in this world.

We "gays" continue to fight for equal rights day by day. We work and pay taxes just like any other citizen in the great state of Oklahoma, yet we are still ridiculed by those who feel they are better than another human being.

I'm disappointed in you, Mr. Simms. You are not better than anyone else. Your money is not better than anyone else's money. You should be ashamed of yourself for the things that you said in your letter.

I will pray for you, Mr. Simms. My God does not tolerate hate against any person, be they gay, straight or Muslim. My God is not supportive of genocide. My God loves everyone equally, and my God loves you, even though your thoughts are filled with hate.

I applaud you for voicing your jaded opinion. You've angered a community who deals with individuals like you every day. But you didn't win, dear sir. Your jabs and name-calling will only make us stronger, creating more support for equal rights. And the fact that you no longer will read the Gazette will provide an opportunity for another to read and learn from what the Gazette has to offer.

Mr. Simms, please don't use the Gazette as toilet paper. Using this fine magazine in that way is highly unsanitary. It really doesn't fold that well, and I'm afraid you wouldn't get yourself very clean. And you could very well get a paper cut on your bum.

"Jason Summers
Oklahoma City

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