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A vote of confidence



As a retail owner in Bricktown, I am asked about MAPS every day, and whether it is important to our city. My answer is always "yes"!

Oklahoma City invested a good portion of the first MAPS program in or near Bricktown. That early investment has paid huge dividends, and the number and quality of entertainment options here have blossomed. This next MAPS investment will have the same possible effect. Without it, I worry that our city's growth and health might suffer.

Bricktown is one example that when we invest in ourselves, we at the same time create a city that people want to visit. These visitors indeed come, and the ever-growing convention business is a cornerstone of the traffic that keeps Bricktown bustling. Oklahoma City's struggle to compete for meeting space with other existing facilities is well-known and more visitors in our downtown are key to attracting additional retail and services " things that are important to people who do live, or want to live, downtown as well.

Visitors not only provide an incredible economic impact in our downtown area; they are also an important part of the vibrant central city we all dream of for tomorrow. The added seamless connectivity of a rail-based modern streetcar will only enhance the environment and connect downtown workers to a quick lunch or a visitor from the convention center to a hotel and their evening entertainment.

One of the nicest things that could happen " not only for Bricktown, but for all of Oklahoma City " is for MAPS 3 to pass. The projects in this package will continue the growth and prosperity initiated by previous MAPS, which ensures future commitments of private investment.

Being in Bricktown has provided a wonderful opportunity to meet and visit with so many different people. It is such fun for me to share and perhaps brag a bit about my "spot!" Whether a family outing, business lunch or dinner, an anniversary, a wedding and reception, board meeting, convention, class reunion, or concert, visitors both local and out-of-town come and enjoy a city teeming with possibilities. MAPS 3 is a vote of confidence for both now and the future.

"Avis Scaramucci, Oklahoma City

Scaramucci is owner of Nonna's Euro-American Ristorante and Bar and Painted Door.

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