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A word on abortion



I read K.A. Straughn's letter ("Scott Jones resorts to coercion of laws," March 24, 2010, Gazette) and couldn't help but remember something I heard from somebody on the abortion issue. They said, "Well, if we ever ban abortion, women can just get back-alley abortions." Apparently, the word "abortion" takes on a new meaning after the phrase "back alley." The point I am trying to make is that there is a better and longer-term solution to the abortion "problem."

Education is one key. I mean not just abstinence or condoms, but to educate people on all the different options, especially if they do not want to keep the baby. Of course, there is always adoption, too. There is another idea I've never heard: encouraging business " or rather, birth control manufacturers " to come up with more and better birth control. The point is, banning something is never the answer, whether it is abortion, guns, drugs or alcohol (just look at how successful Prohibition was).
"Erick Glen
Oklahoma City

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