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A world of speculation



I was somewhat confused by the content of a letter ("Down the memory hole" by Lee Agnew) and a Commentary ("The Obama effect" by Kurt Hochenauer) that appeared in the Oct. 28 edition of Oklahoma Gazette.

Mr. Agnew takes conservatives to task because they dared to speculate about the possible consequences of pending health care and illegal immigration legislation. Speculation is about the only thing we conservatives could do because the Obama administration, which had promised to be the most transparent administration in the history of the United States, has or is crafting this legislation secretly.

Professor Hochenauer, on the other hand, spends a great deal of his Commentary speculating about the impact of a Republican takeover of a majority of Oklahoma elective offices. Perhaps Professor Hochenauer worries too much. The first Republican governor of Oklahoma, Henry Bellmon, was a Republican but he was certainly not a conservative.

Perhaps these two progressives (they were once called liberals) should get together and decide when it is proper to speculate and when it is not proper to do so. Is speculation by conservatives bad and speculation by progressives good? They owe it to the rest of us to clear up this matter.

"Russell W. Jones, Guthrie

Jones is a full professor of marketing at the University of Central Oklahoma.

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