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But crap happens, and while being all cute and cuddly in L.A.'s famed Griffith Park, the happy couple is darted from afar and drugged into a state of unconsciousness. They awake in a dingy cell looking not unlike the basement from the original Saw

Something's up and yet, something else is up, because whoever their captors are, they've allowed Dave and Jessica to keep their clothes and smartphones. On the latter, our kidnapped lovers receive the text "NO ESCAPE. RESIST = DEATH," none of which appears to be an accidental auto-correct. 

Because Jessica's dad is in the military, the kids suspect they've been taken by the Taliban. Other conspiracy theories pop up throughout a fairly swift hour and a half — none as believable as the truth staring them (and us) right in the face. 

Promise exists with this premise, but co-directors/co-writers Lucy Phillips and Glen Scantlebury never take it beyond its logical conclusion. Abducted is all self-evident, free of suspense. Because it's competent, at least the movie never becomes downright unlikable. Sound plays a big part in giving the flick its minimal creep factor.  —Rod Lott

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