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Abort report



Take a ride in the CFN Wayback Machine to February 2009, when an Oklahoma City construction worker was pulled over for posting a sign. Not with the dated "Baby on board" message, but something a little more current: "Abort Obama, not the unborn." Yup, that was the sign in his truck window.

At the time, an OKC cop pulled Hal "Chip" Harrison over, confiscated the sign and called the Secret Service. Adrian Andrews, the special agent in charge of OKC's Secret Service field office, said ol' Chippy was interviewed via telephone and then visited at home before it was determined he wasn't a threat.

"He was a little agitated that the Oklahoma City Police Department took his sign, but he understood we have an obligation to check these things out," agent Andrews told The Associated Press in 2009.

After getting back his sign, Harrison said he would get a thumbs-up from passing motorists. CFN asked if OKC residents were giving Chip the thumb or another digit.

Well, Chip didn't like that. A year later, he called CFN World Headquarters to have a follow-up chat with the writer before leaving town. Harrison said he was counseled to have his special-needs daughter (now age 3) aborted. Since her birth, he's been pro-life and opposes Obama's stance on abortion.

"I thought that (finger comment) was just a little bit tasteless," said the 54-year-old Harrison, who's planning to move this week back to the West Coast.

"For someone to interpret what my line of thinking is and for somebody to sit on their butts and use their type-writer to try and get back to me and tell me what's a better way to present my theory is total bogusness."

As punishment, CFN proposes that the offending writer read aloud the final Senate version of the health care bill to Sen. Tom Coburn.

As for Harrison, he claimed the ACLU did not represent him for an alleged First Amendment rights violation. He's planning to re-post the sign as he drives back to Lake Tahoe, Calif.

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