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Abuse of power



our every movement with location information from our personal cell
—spied on millions of law-abiding U.S. citizens’ cell phone
information, in addition to Internet searches, emails, pictures, videos,
—recorded the personal phone calls and e-mails of reporters who
disagreed with him (in addition to their families);
—used the IRS to
target, bully and silence law-abiding citizens who disagreed with him;
—decided to abandon a U.S. diplomat and security personnel during an
eight-hour battle for survival with al- Qaeda terrorists.

the above accusations about our president and commander-in-chief make
your stomach turn, it should. If the accused president’s skin color is
relevant to you, it shouldn’t be.

Unfortunately, it
appears that we now have a full-fledged constitutional crisis sparked by
an abuse of power that no one should attempt, regardless of party
affiliation. You may still be taking comfort in the thought that
President Obama is today only targeting your neighbors. How long before
our next president disagrees with ... you? Call your congressman.

—Mark R. Heaton
Oklahoma City


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