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Masterminded by a lonely, paranoid widowed man who looks like Dwight Schrute and goes by the name of The Brain (Louis Koo, Triple Tap), a group of four carries out hired hits by making them look like accidents, and remarkably, using no weapons. In the opening hit, for instance, a Triad gang boss is felled by falling glass, the end result of a Rube Goldbergian series of events that can't help but bring the Final Destination series to mind.

Doing The Brain's bidding are The Woman (Michelle Ye, Dream Home), Fatty (Suet Lam, Ip Man 3) and Uncle (Shui-Fan Fung, Vengeance), all appropriately named. After one of their long-planned jobs goes right, something else goes horribly, tragically wrong. Was it an accident or an "accident"?

The Brain is nearly driven mad trying to find out. He's not even certain he can trust the members of his own team, and believes there may be a hit on him, too, possibly ordered by his most recent client's insurance agent (Richie Ren, Exiled).

Because the viewer isn't given any more information before The Brain finds it or figures it out, the suspense level sits at a near-constant high level throughout. Somehow around the midpoint, however, that lack of info causes some temporary confusion, but not enough to keep you from moving from the edge of your seat to the eject button. The methodically planned, methodically executed Accident comes highly recommended. –Rod Lott

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