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Accordion man' shows are full of fun



Singer, songwriter, troubadour, shaman, thespian, prankster, accordion man " whatever name you give him, Jason Webley knows how to move an audience. His eclectic tour comes to The Red Cup, 3122 N. Classen, at 8 p.m. Thursday.

Webley's show promises more than music " often, a performance is filled with theatrics, stories and sing-alongs that gets the crowd of all ages dancing, laughing and sometimes teary-eyed.

"I just try to be open and do whatever comes natural. It's not really very planned," Webley said. "I try to kind of juggle a few things, I try to get every one involved in something, get them to tickle or sing with each other."

The bearded, baggy-clothed musician got his start peddling his accordion tunes on the streets of Seattle. Four albums and a few packed tour schedules later, Webley is preparing to release his fifth, yet-to-be-named, album.

Onstage, Webley often sets aside his accordion to play piano, guitar or even a plastic vodka bottle full of pennies. His audience is just as diverse, ranging from children to grandparents.

"I want people to feel more in love with being alive," Webley said. "I want them to feel more connected to the people around them. I also like it if they buy my CDs and things like that." "Lauren Hopkins

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