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Adventures in Pornoland



Wouldn’t you want to know that?

Ethan (Brad Brough) and Jaime (Taryn O'Neil) move from Vancouver to Los Angeles for Ethan to chase his dream of being a movie director. He has this inkling to shoot a drama that would just happen to have some real sex in it, as opposed to a porno, which may just happen to have some drama. Jaime's not cool with that.

As Ethan starts getting curiouser and curiouser on whether he could pull such a thing off, he visits porn sets, sits in on porn auditions and talks to real porn performers, like Ron Jeremy. Jaime's not cool with that, either, and she’s really pissed at what she finds out at the end.

"Adventures" ends abruptly and without, um, climax or closure, so you're left wondering why Brough and co-director Greg Salman chose to take a dramatic approach instead of a comedy, because the setup certainly is ripe for that kind of prank. Imagine a "Borat"-style invasion of the porn world; now that would rule. But a drama set in that world? It's already been done to perfection in "Boogie Nights," and no one’s going to beat that.  —Rod Lott

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