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Affair of the hard


Photo: Chris Hultner

The usual suspects of street punk brought the guys behind Violent Affair together: The Unseen, Broken Bones, Krum Bums and so on.

But when it came time to record the Oklahoma City band’s latest material — the recently released, two-song EP, A Call to Arms — the five-piece sought inspiration through Nintendo.

“We brought in this influence of video-game music you’d hear back in the ’80s playing Mega Man, that 8-bit style of music,” bassist Zach Green said. “There’s lots of layers going on, and we tried to simulate that, tied in with the music we grew up listening to.”

It’s only fitting that games would come into play, given the group came to be after quality time spent hanging out at punk shows or huddled around the TV set.

“We’ve always known each other, and it’s been this friendship-based thing,” Green said. “All these years, the main improvement comes from just knowing each other all that much better.”

The result? A fast-emerging act touring more and more. Audiences have acquired a taste for Violent Affair’s brand of street punk, a subgenre that saw its heyday a decade ago.

“We were all motivated by the late ’90s and early ’00s wave of hardcore street punk. It’s different, because it combines a lot of different elements of punk rock across the board, visually and musically,” Green said. “It’s a lot more intense, more aggressive, more tense — more forceful on all levels.”

While there is no shortage of punk bands in Oklahoma, none seemed to specialize in that specific niche when Violent Affair formed in 2007.

“We felt like if you wanted to hear a certain type of music, go and play it,” lead vocalist Dave Williams said. “There’s always going to be a little love and hate from
everywhere, but in Oklahoma, the reception has been great. So many
people share that common passion for wanting to see something happen.”

The band just made a trek up to Milwaukee for No Coast Mohawk Fest, following that up with dual appearances at The Conservatory, supporting The Causalities on Thursday and Against the Grain on Monday — not that Violent Affair will remember much of either show.

“It’s all kind of a blur for me, from the first note to the last,” Williams said with a laugh.

Added Green, “People keep coming out to shows, though. So I guess that’s some kind of indicator.”

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