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Agenda agitation



Credit: Brad Gregg

To many, Agenda 21 is a voluntary U.N. resolution meant to foster sustainable communities. To others — including some state
legislators — it is a covert means to steal our McMansions, confiscate
our guns and force us all into cramped urban apartments and onto mass

The measure, authored by Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, would
prevent the state or any local government from adopting or implementing
policy recommendations originating with Agenda 21. Say goodbye to those
bike lanes, hippies!

legislation passed the House States’ Rights Committee at the end of
February. We assume committee members were too busy staunchly defending
against federal and international overreach to note the irony in
stripping Oklahoma towns of their inherent right to be U.N.-loving
liberals if they so choose.

Not that it matters much. Who needs sustainable development when global warming is just a hoax, anyway?

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