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Agree to disagree



A Nov. 26 story in the paper detailed how the NBA lockout has impacted the Oklahoma City Thunder, but the Gray Lady wasted little time tweaking our town.

Illustrating the Thunder’s uniting influence, writer Tom Spousta quoted Oklahoma City resident T.J. Nance: “It’s the only thing we can agree on, other than conservative politics.”

Huh? CFN has nothing against Mr. Nance or his right to self-expression, but he is factually incorrect. Sure, it’s pretty safe to deduce that most Oklahomans agree, but all? C’mon, we’re not that monolithic!

What chaps us is that the quote plays to a stereotype of Oklahoma that the Times — which usually can’t mention our state without invoking the Dust Bowl or Bible Belt — absolutely loves.

Besides, we know that conservative politics isn’t what really unites all Oklahomans.

What we all agree on, we’re fairly certain, is that Ranch dressing belongs on pizza, that Christmastime doesn’t officially start until you hear the B.C. Clark jingle, and that Texas sucks.

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