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Ain't Oklahoma grand?'



Regarding "Organizing controversy" (News, Greg Horton, Aug. 18, Gazette), in which critics claim a local religious coalition is a "socialistic" organization:

When referencing Saul Alinsky's groundbreaking work in community organizing, it might interest your readers to know that his work is the principal guiding document used by such socialist groups as, for instance, the leadership of the Tea Party movement. Or that other great socialist, Ralph Reed, who used Saul Alinsky's work to bring the Moral Majority to prominence. Google it. Also, God forbid a church should find its membership involved in giving "to the poor," which Lisa Schnorrenberg claims to have a problem with in your article.

They aren't giving anyone anything except an education in how to have a voice in their own communities. That's called "democracy." You can Google that, too. Ain't America (and especially Oklahoma) grand?

"Hugh Meade
Oklahoma City

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