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Air No. 1





Take a leap with the premiere issue of "Air," written by G. Willow Wilson and drawn by M.K. Perker. As home to "The Sandman," "Fables" and a host of visionary graphic tales for grown-ups, Vertigo is known for taking chances, and "Air" is among its riskiest, but potentially quite rewarding.


Since Sept. 11, 2001, Americans understandably have been skittish over commercial air travel, and this book's premise preys upon those fears. Blythe is a Clearfleet Airlines attendant who requires meds to handle her fear of heights. Her anxiety proves warranted after an incident of violence and, later, a full-on craft plummet into the ocean.


And now, thanks to her suspecting a swarthy passenger of being a terrorist, she's unwillingly embroiled in the underhanded dealings of a shadowy group known as The Etesian Front. What exactly are they all about? Well, all be told (presumably) as the story plays out in subsequent issues.


With TV shows like "Lost" and "24" having viewing hang on every mystery, there 's no reason to suspect "Air" can't do the same. This first installment may not have me salivating, but consider my interested definitely piqued. Initially, I was a tiny bit confused, but only because I didn't realize the story had shifted into  flashback mode. A second read alleviated all my bewilderment, with no turbulence.


"?Rod Lott

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