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Akers named interim Plaza District director


Dustin Akers (Mark Hancock)
  • Mark Hancock
  • Dustin Akers

Dustin Akers has been named interim executive director of the Plaza District.

Following Kristen Vails’ departure this month, Akers will will take the helm during the transition period.

Akers has experience in urban planning, real estate and community development. Akers also serves on the advisory board for the Urban Land Institute Oklahoma District Council and is chairman of its Young Leaders Group.

“Right now my full focus is on working with our board of directors and committees to continue the high quality programming our visitors have come to expect, while our search begins for a new executive director,” Akers said when asked if he saw the position as  long-term fit. “As a board member and nearby resident, I have a vested interest in seeing the District thrive and will continue to be dedicated to the Plaza District's success in whatever way that may be.”

Akers said the District is at a “pivotal point” in its life cycle and leadership is exploring ways to find sustainable funding sources, along with implementing the OU Institute for Quality Communities parking study.

“The Plaza's core foundation comes from an organic, grassroots spirit of entrepreneurship that has bolstered its position as an incubator for arts and culture,” Akers said. “There has been buy-in from property and business owners, neighbors and policy makers, that has led to a unified voice that continues to help the District improve.”


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