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Alcohol: A to Z in OKC



B is for Bloody Mary.
Some believe this vodka and tomato elixir helps conquer hangovers. Some just believe in its deliciousness. If you're in the mood, head to S & B's new location on Ninth Street, just off Broadway. The Bloody Mary bar will provide all that you need. Try the Bloody Jerk. (It's garnished with bacon. So, seriously: Just try it.) If it doesn't wake you up, you might not have a pulse. If you're sure that, yes, you are alive and kicking — but still wanting something flavorful — try the Kickin' Wasabi: ginger-infused vodka and edamame.

C is for cab.
If you're out and drinking, then don't drive home. Be smart. Call Yellow Cab at 232-6161 or Castle Cab at 595-5999.

D is for DNR Belgian-style golden ale.

E is for Edna's.
Edna's, 5137 N. Classen, is home to one of Oklahoma City’s most classic cocktails: the infamous Lunchbox. If you've never had one, you shouldn't be allowed to live in this city. If you have, make sure you take all out-of-town guests to delight in the weird wonder that is a Lunchbox.

F is for Fishbowl at Hawaiian Don's, 3837 N.W. 10th.
It’s big. It’s blue. It’s bitchin’.

G is for gin and tonics.
If you're a fan of the crisp and tasty gin and tonic, mosey into The Lobby Bar, 4322 N. Western, for one of the best in the city.

H is for hangover.
We suggest ample hydration, several naps and a trip to your favorite greasy spoon.

I is for the strawberry and vermouth concoction that is the Italian Bloodhound, at Paseo Grill, 2909 Paseo.

J is for James E. McNellie's Public House

Don't want to go all the way downtown? Make a stop in Midtown at McNellie's, 1100 Classen Dr., for more than 300 beers on tap.

K is for keg stand.
Only do a keg stand if you're absolutely sure a camera isn't around. Trust us. Need one for a party (or yourself)? Totally Kegs, 4301 N. Western, has you covered.

right Marshall beers on tap at McNellie's Public House

L is for liquor stores.
Where should you get your goods? Broadway Wine Merchants, 824 N. Broadway, has a full stock of Coop, Mustang, Choc and Marshall, as well as delicious French wines by Kermit Lynch.
Also try: Byrons Liquor, 2322 N. Broadway; Spirit Shop, 117 Garver in Norman; and Coffee Creek Wine Shop, 775 W. Covell in Edmond.

M is for martini.
One of the quintessential “it” drinks, no less. Get your -tini on at Red Piano Lounge, 1 Park Ave., where you'll find a thorough martini menu. Things you should know before ordering: Gin or vodka? Dry or dirty? Famously, but also seriously: Shaken or stirred? Olive or twist? If that freaks you out, order from the extensive menu based on your tastes. Try the white-chocolate raspberry and 1911.

N is for Native Amber from Coop Ale Works.

O is for O'Connell's Irish Pub & Grille, 120 E. Lindsey in Norman.
It’s been a Norman institution since 1968. And we’re all for being institutionalized.

P is for pint.
Glass look a little small or have a thick base? You might be sipping from a falsie. Get a proper pint every time at Sean Cummings’ Irish Restaurant & Pub, 7523 N. May.

Q is for quantity.
Ordering in bulk? Freeman's Liquor Mart, 4401 N. Western, just might be able to work out a deal with you.

R is for Red Rooster Bar & Grill.
Who doesn't appreciate a dapper cock? Strut your appreciation to 3100 N. Walker, in the Paseo District.

S is for Safe Ride.
Don't be a dunce. And if you want to be a dunce, don't endanger other people. Call Safe Rides at 1-855-566-3947 to have a person dispatched to you, then drive you home. Make sure to tip the driver for having to put up with you.

T is for tap.
If you want a brew straight from the tap, then pull a chair up to the bar at Tapwerks Ale House & Cafe, 121 E. Sheridan. Here you'll find more than 200 beers on draft.

U is for UCO Jazz Lab.
Looking to enjoy a classy evening without getting gussied up? Then bebop over to UCO Jazz Lab, 100 E. Fifth Street in Edmond, where local brews and Hideaway Pizza are just feet away from where many of the world’s greatest jazz artists do their thing.

V is for VZD's.
Duh. If good food, drinks and tunes are the goal, then the onetime drugstore at 4200 N. Western is your destination. And right now you promote the local music scene by getting your dinner on. The bar is hosting a series of shows where 5 percent of your food tab goes to the band of your choice to help offset the cost of its trip to the South by Southwest music festival.

W is for Washita Wheat from Mustang Brewery.

X is for Xebec Sails (pictured)
Set sail at Ludivine, 805 N. Hudson, with a drink for the upcoming summer season. Look for it on the horizon. X really does mark the spot with this swizzle of pineapple, sage and two types of rum: English Harbor and Wray & Nephew.

Y is for yeast.
Yeast: the little organism responsible for all this alcoholic goodness. You can find the biggest selection at The Brew Shop, 3624 N. Pennsylvania. Give home-brewing a try and take your pick from strains for Champagne to Mexican lager.

Z is for Zeppelin German Wheat by Coop Ale Works.

Photos by Matt Carney

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