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Alien Nation: Ultimate Movie Collection



Although Fox only aired "Alien Nation" for one season in 1989, fans cried loud enough that the story continued in five post-cancellation TV movies in the mid-Nineties, now housed across two discs as "Alien Nation: Ultimate Movie Collection."

It's impossible not to view any of them as a racial allegory, as eggheaded aliens keen on drinking sour milk attempt to assimilate into our culture, encountering prejudice all the way. Gary Graham and Eric Pierpoint co-star as cop buddies; one human, one alien.

"Body and Soul" contains an amusing subplot among the difficulties of interspecies mating, while "Millennium" features a cult that operates in a deadly psychotropic dimension. The best, "The Udara Legacy," cribs the mind-control plot of "The Manchurian Candidate." "Dark Horizon" and "The Enemy Within" also are included; with each successive flick, the viewer grows more comfortable and involved. Likable performances and good intentions overcome trappings of TV budgets.

The only thing that would make this set truly "Ultimate" is including the 1988 James Caan/Mandy Patinkin film on which the series was based.

"?Rod Lott

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