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Alison Krauss and Union Station — Paper Airplane



If you haven’t heard of her, you probably don’t like bluegrass. If you have heard of her, you know what you’re going to get when she puts out an album.

If you haven’t heard of her and  you like bluegrass, you need to fix that with “Paper Airplane.” Her gorgeous voice and down-home fiddle lead a bluegrass/country set of tunes that will make traditionalists froth at the mouth. There’s nothing groundbreaking on “Paper Airplane,” but, for real, this is Alison Krauss. She doesn’t really need to be innovating, nor do we expect that. The songs here are solid, and they are pretty as all get-out. It’s a good disc.

“Paper Airplane” is the sort of release that doesn’t really need reviews, because people are going to buy it whether anyone says it’s good or not. But trust me, it’s good. —Stephen Carradini

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