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Credit: Brad Gregg

Mitchell, formerly Deatherage, was a liberal Democrat when she served in the state House from 1976 to 1984. For years, however, she has been a card-carrying conservative Republican who isn’t shy about her anti-gay sentiments.

In fact, Krohn writes how, in 2011, she was pivotal in ousting GOProud, a right-wing, fiscally conservative group with a pro-life message, from the Conservative Political Action Conference, the annual marquee event for the right.

What stuck in Mitchell’s craw? GO- Proud is largely a gay-rights group.

Krohn suggests that
Mitchell’s antipathy to gay rights might have something to do with her
first husband, Duane Draper. A few years after the couple divorced, he
was an openly gay activist.

asked about that by Krohn in an email, Mitchell reportedly shot back,
“I think I’m finished talking about this with you — it is a hit piece as
I suspected from the start. Swing away!”

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