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All-American Rejects front man makes leap to movies



If he's not already feeling on "Top of the World," maybe sharing some screen time with seven sorority sisters and an "American Idol" this summer will help warm All-American Rejects front man Tyson Ritter's "Paper Heart."

Oklahoma native Ritter will act alongside Anna Faris ("Brokeback Mountain," "Scary Movie 4") and pop singer Katharine McPhee, who was an "American Idol" runner-up in 2006, in "I Know What Boys Like," a comedy set for release on Aug. 22.

Ritter will play Colby, the love interest of Natalie (Emma Stone, "Superbad"), the best friend of Faris' character. The film was produced in part by Adam Sandler and also stars Colin Hanks ("King Kong," "Untraceable") and Beverly D'Angelo ("National Lampoon's Vacation").

The comedy centers around Shelley (Faris), a Playboy centerfold who gets kicked out of the Playboy Mansion and finds herself among a clueless gaggle of sorority sisters trying to sign a new pledge class. Shelley must teach the girls about makeup and men, and help them battle a rival sorority while each discovering their true individuality.

Formed in Stillwater, The All-American Rejects will play on part of this summer's Warped Tour, which, as of yet, won't be coming any closer to Oklahoma than its July 3 show in Dallas. Meanwhile, Ritter has told that the group will release its third album late this summer. "Joe Wertz

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