She’ll perform four nights to celebrate the grown-ups-only fourth birthday (Dec. 11-14) of Little Darlings club, 1500 SE 59th St. She has a few things to celebrate and share during her stage shows, too. For starters, she has a new movie, Lollipop, on Digital Playground; second, she wants to share her own line of flavored tequilas, Diosa, launched earlier this year; ... and herself.

The local celebrity shared her thoughts about how being a Midwesterner has influenced her career, her favorite tequila cocktail, being recognized by other women, her favorite place to hang out and more with Oklahoma Gazette.

Q. What is your strongest memory of growing up in the Oklahoma City area? 

A. I don’t really have a particular memory. I just know that the main reason why I love it here is because of the people — they are so nice. It’s a very family-oriented state, and I love that.

Q. What’s it like to perform in your home state? Do people generally recognize you when you walk down the street? 

Well I don’t visit; I live here, and I love it! It’s so refreshing and
relaxing here. People recognize me all the time here. Men and women!
They are all nice. I just have the best fans anyone could ever ask for.

So, you’re doing one show each night Dec. 11-14. What can fans expect
during your shows? Will you do meet-and-greets, autographs, dances? 

A. It’s a
good time. I have crazy costumes, and I just put on a fun show while
interacting with the fans. Afterward, I sign and take pictures with

You’ve been called the “All- American” adult star of this generation.
You grew up on military bases and graduated in 1998 from Moore High
School. How did being here influence how you’ve handled your career so

A. I think growing up in the South and Midwest helped me
stay grounded and realize who and what is important in my life. Living
in Oklahoma lets me separate my professional life and my personal life,
so I don’t get caught up in all the mess.

What first got you into adult films? Were you still living here when
you started? What is your favorite part of being an adult film star? 

I started out as a Hooters girl and became a Hawaiian Tropic model.
I’ve always been a sexual person, and I just decided to take that step. I
knew I had it in me to share my sexuality, so I moved from OKC to Los
Angeles to build my name. My favorite part of the industry is all the
traveling I get to do. I love it!

Q. What would you most like people to understand about the adult entertainment industry? 

It’s a crazy industry — there’s good and bad, but that’s in any
business you’re in. We are safe, and it’s a job where we provide

Q. You helped launch a tequila brand in January in Las Vegas. Do you have a favorite Diosa flavor or mixed drink? 

I decided to create Diosa Tequila because, one, I love tequila; two,
there was no flavored tequila on the market; three, I needed something
to do after porn. I luckily have been throwing events in clubs and bars
for 11 years now, so I had ... the connections needed for a startup
company. There are several drinks you can make with all of our flavors,
but one really good shot is what I call the Caramel Apple. It’s easy:
Pour half a shot glass of Diosa Apple and the other half with Diosa Café
Caramel. It really tastes like a caramel apple.

Q. While here, do you get out to see longtime friends, hit up popular nightclubs? Do you have a favorite local restaurant?

When I’m home, I like hanging with my family, especially my son and
niece, and, of course, I love to see my friends. My favorite thing to do
here is go to the Warren Theatre.

Q. Why four nights? Is that
to celebrate four years of Little Darlings? What do you know about the
venue? What’s your favorite thing about the venue? 

A. It’s
because it’s their 4-year anniversary, and I’m excited. It’s a nice
club, and I’ve been there before. (Plus, I love them because they serve
Diosa tequila.)

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