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Oh, yes, The ‘Oh No!’ Variety Show features equal-opportunity entertainers.

BY Susannah WaIte

The “Oh no!” Variety show

8:30 p.m. friday angles
2117 n.w. 39th $5

9 p.m. saturday the
drunken fry 5100 classen circle


The members of the “Oh No!” Variety Show are ready to demonstrate peculiar prowess and mind-blowing tricks.

we’re trying to do with [the show] is to really bring back vaudeville
to its roots,” said The Amazing Boobzilla, creator and founder.

troupe is a vaudeville, neocabaret outfit featuring circus acts,
sideshow art and other talents. It has performed in Oklahoma for nearly
two years, primarily on the third Sunday of every month at The Drunken

“Our mission is
to basically nondiscriminate as to whether you’re gay, you’re straight,
what age you are, what race you are,” Boobzilla said. “Entertainment is
entertainment, and we thrive on providing the best.”

to an “Oh No!” Variety Show performance can expect to see four
principal cast members: Boobzilla, Joey Danger, Ms. Emily Exultante and
Rock Robster, as well as some guests.

whole purpose in the sideshow community is to prove that not only men
can be tough, but women can be just as tough and handle their job
proficiently and accurately,” said Boobzilla, who holds the distinction
of being the only woman in the industry to break two concrete bricks using nothing but her bosom.

She also claims to be the only instate female sword swallower.

“A lot of times people frown on people who are different,” magic madman Robster said. “But we’ve found over the years that Oklahoma City has really been opening up to people
and the differences in people. With the proper preparations and the
right mindset, we really enjoy blowing people’s minds.”

We enjoy blowing people’s minds.

—Rock Robster

you like what you see with Friday’s gig at Angels and Saturday’s at The
Drunken Fry, follow “Oh No!” to Baby Dolls, 1910 S.E. 59th, at 7 p.m.
June 30, for a live, uncensored show with guest Merry Anne Moan of the 7
Deadly Sins Burlesque Revue.


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