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American Gladiators: The Original Series \" The Battle Begins




Out of the box this July: Perhaps the greatest thing about DVD: preserving the tube! Collecting TV shows "? both current faves and lost obscurities "? can be a weekly hobby.

Don't even pretend you didn't at least partially dig this bizarro sports show when it premiered in 1989. Until the novelty wore off, the seemingly 'roided stars known as Zap, Blaze and Nitro were intimidating and entertaining as they plowed through that week's crop of contestants. What was your favorite event? The joust with the giant Q-Tips? Yeah, I thought so. Whatever your poison, Shout! Factory's three-disc set has more than 10 hours' worth to fill your nostalgic, pugilistic needs, with "? never thought I'd type this "? commentaries!

"?Rod Lott

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