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Another rocket company ready to do business with state

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At this month's meeting of the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority, Patrick Bahn, the chief executive officer of TGV Rockets, with headquarters in Norman, announced the successful June 9 test of an engine that would form the core of a new rocket system.

TGV's unmanned rocket is intended to be used in place of billion-dollar spy satellites with a $10 million spy rocket that can pop up over a given region on short notice and provide real-time intelligence imaging. Bahn noted his company's recent achievement during a "new business" section of the meeting.

"This is the first rocket engine in the business that runs on military jet fuel instead of rocket fuel. This is the first throttling rocket engine that runs on kerosene fuel in the history of the business," said Bahn. "It's enabling technology for anyone who actually wants to do flexible launch. The engine worked right the first time off the bat, which is unheard of in the business.

"We are now the fourth-largest rocket engine manufacturer in kerosene in the United States, and the largest one outside of California." "Scott Cooper and Ben Fenwick

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