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Any way you slice it



You've heard of the New York strip steak and the Kansas City strip. Well, meet their younger, party-ready brother: the Vegas strip.

That's right, the crew at Oklahoma State University's Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center have been hard at work in their meat labs, and their efforts — along with an outside meat expert — have culminated in the invention of a “new” kind of steak cut.

If you've ever contemplated where your food originated, then you’re generally aware that cuts of beef come from cows, steers and heifers. And surprisingly, even with all the beef enjoyed in this country, there are still luscious bits tucked away, and the carnivores at OSU have been perfecting the technique for exploiting the bovine’s treasures.

OSU isn't revealing too much about their findings, however, because it's still in the patent phase.
Apparently the meat has been hiding somewhere inside part of the cow that's now used for hamburger meat. It's describe as versatile and tender, and it even has its very own website:

So, all you beef eaters, get excited/ Will the Vegas strip rival the king of steaks, the NY strip, or will it be the annoying kid brother that tries too hard?

Only time, and pending patents, will tell.

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