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Aphrodisiac!: The Sexual Secret of Marijuana



When it's "Aphrodisiac! The Sexual Secret of Marijuana." This 1971 obscurity purports to be a look into the weird, wild world of weed and its link to whacked-out wubmaking (forgive me, but I was striving for alliteration). Instead, it's ... er, well, it's quite something else.

New to DVD from Synapse Films, the faux doc shows some hard-partying swingers who light one up and find that they not only do they get high, but horny! The film’s sober-sounding narrator fronts a medical link from smoke to sexual activity. Says one woman "interviewed" by the filmmakers, "He was all over me like a wet sponge."

And says another, "I'm sold! Marijuana is the greatest sexual stimulant since the 12-inch penis. And a helluva lot easier to find."


With that candid revelation, feeding right into the opening credits, the jig is up: This can't be serious! It's not, and you knew that, but at least "Aphrodisiac" lets you know that it knows that, too.

But here's what you may not have known — I sure as hell didn't: The movie is pornographic, and I mean that in the most literal sense. Yes, Virginia, this is one NSFW DVD.

Once that became evident, I had to hit the eject button. It ain't for me. Those connoisseurs of vintage kink — especially ones who like to indulge in (for now) illegal substances while watching — certainly will think otherwise. —Rod Lott

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