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Area 10 - Christos N. Gage and Chris Samnee



Vertigo Crime's fifth graphic novel is its most horrific yet, and that's on purpose. Not to be confused with Area 51, "Area 10" refers to the part of the brain that processes sensory input and self-awareness. This is important because those who are into trepanning "? the "art" of drilling a hole through one's head "? believe hitting that spot reveals an all-seeing "third eye."

And this is important because New York City is gripped in fear by a serial killer whose bodies are found without heads. Cop Adam Kamen finds the noggins later, all with the telltale hole. Could the string of murders be committed by someone who practices trepanning? The cover image answers in the affirmative.

"Area 10" feels like two things. The first is an episode of a TV police procedural,


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