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Area 51 Confidential



Blood, gore, aliens — who doesn’t love all of the cheesy things that come with a B-grade science-fiction film?

The Reel Renegades will present a free screening of “Area 51 Confidential” as Saturday’s midnight movie for the month at VZD’s, 4200 N. Western.

Through strategically placed cameras, the found-footage film follows a group of strangers as they wake up in the desert around Area 51. These strangers are under the eyes of the military, as their actions are recorded as a military training video to show to new workers at Area 51.

This is the fourth midnight movie screening put on by local director James Hawley (“Sewer Chewer”), who composed the music for “Area 51 Confidential.”

“Most of the movies I get are just hitting the festival circuit,” Hawley said. He started the series at VZD’s as an attempt to relive his time in the ’80s going to see cheesy, B-grade late-night movies.

“There really isn’t anywhere you can catch a weird, freaky movie at least once a month at midnight,” Hawley said. Moviegoers shouldn’t worry about not being able to get a seat for the showing, because the crowds for the midnight movies have been anywhere between five and 20 people.”

Before the terror commences at the witching hour, a pre-party starting at 9 p.m. at VZD’s at 4200 N. Western Ave., features DJs Jack Acid and Trey K-47.

“It’s still a midnight movie,” Hawley said. “It’s a low-budget, or nobudget movie.”

For more information, call 524-4203 or visit

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