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More people who accidentally shot themselves recently: A man, 20, showing off to friends after miscounting bullets, fatally shot himself in the head (Dallas, January).

A man who said he didn't feel safe walking his dog unless he had his gun with him, wounded himself on a walk (Palm Bay, Fla., February).

A convenience-store robber, 25, shot himself in the genitals when stuffing the gun into his waistband (Kokomo, Ind., January).

A man, 26, checking on a disturbance near his apartment, shot himself in the buttocks (Scottsdale, Ariz., December).

An insurance company employee, 47, who brings a gun every day to hang in his cubicle, shot himself in both legs while handling it (Lake Worth, Texas, October).

A man, 26, shot himself in the head while loading his gun at a firing range (Riverside, Calif., November).

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