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Iguana Mexican Grill

9 N.W. Ninth

You're probably pretty familiar with this cuisine, so go ahead and indulge with tacos, fajitas, burritos and frozen margaritas.

Zarate's Latin Mexican Grill
706 S. Broadway, Edmond

Peru draws on influence from several other counties, and it culminates in spicy foods made with chili peppers, and lots of potato and rice dishes.

Cafe do Brasil
440 N.W. 11th

Brazil and Peru are neighbors, but some of the notable differences in their respective cuisines are due to Brazil’s inspiration from her European immigrants. You'll find dishes that include leafy vegetables and pasta bases.


Sean Cummings’ Irish Pub
7523 N. May

Comfort food to a T! Irish culture boasts rich stews and dressings with bases you'd probably rather not know about. Regardless, it's tasty and the perfect treat when your palate is experiencing some wanderlust.


Taste of Egypt
3604 N. May

You'll more than likely find onions in every dish, whether they are chopped fresh or sautéed into a dish. Be prepared for rice-based dishes with hearty sauces and lots of lamb.  

Queen of Sheba
2308 N. MacArthur

Every dish will be accompanied by injera, Ethiopia’s sourdough flatbread. Traditionally, you'll have a plate full of wats, a stew-like concoction that can be prepared with meats and vegetables.



4559 N.W. 23rd

From spicy curries to sweet masalas, the myriad of flavors found in Indian cuisine is extensive and made to be enjoyed with rice and naan, the traditional oven-baked flatbread.

Grand House Asian Bistro
2701 N. Classen Blvd.

If you want something exotic, Chinese cuisine might just hit the spot. With dumplings as a staple, its dishes include a range of meats and vegetables that aren't always used in North America. Most dishes will come with a rice or noodle accompaniment. 

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