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Around the World Under the Sea



Now out on MOD DVD from Warner Archive, the waterlogged flick is nothing to write home about, provided you write your parents about such things. It’s double-preposition title is more than three times as complex as its weak story, which has a submerged Bridges and company on a mission to help predict potential mega-disastrous earthquakes.

Directed by Andrew Marton, who tread similar waters the year before with “Crack in the World,” the dull film’s brightest bits are likely the parts he had nothing to do with: the genuine underwater footage, which boasts big-blue beauty more colorful than the environs of the sub (exception: “Goldfinger” babe Shirley Eaton, who looks so fabulous, you fear for her safety, being the only woman on a five-man craft of confinement).

At least you get to see Bridges marvel over shark embryos. Hey, it’s something. —Rod Lott

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